Write for an exploration

The story of the reading as a question told me a new purpose in writing an essay. That the purpose was no longer to begin the essay with only a thesis but begin with a question and use writing as a tool to explore the question and finally find the answers. This kind of structure was very helpful to the writer. First, it followed the most logical way of thinking, so that the writer can easily put their thinking on the paper. For me as a writer, I felt this is my natural way of thinking that first finds the question and then looking for the answers, instead of having the answers first. As a result, I can easily organize my essay into this structure and export the thoughts from my brain to the paper. Beyond that, if the writers begin with an established thesis it will be hard for them to discover something new, since they are focusing too much on his established thesis. And only use writing as proof of their idea. For example, When I was doing my Profile essay, I did not start with a thesis but rather a question about what the street artists truly are. As a result, I found a lot of things about street artists that I could never imagine.  So there if I went there with a thesis, then I will only focus on those parts of street artists that will support my theis, instead of discovered something new. But if the writer began with the question, then they are using the writing as a tool to help them to find the answer which is unknown to them. This process of exploration will help the writer to discover new things and generate new ideas. For me, the real meaning or purpose of writing is to explore the unknown in the world and then discover something new. 

The reader, on the other hand, will also understand your essay better following this logical setup. Also, it gave the reader an experience of exploring things with the writer, and this was a much more interesting reading experience than a traditional way of writing. I understood that scientific article uses this kind of way to wrote to make it more efficient to other scientists, which they can easily understand the result of the experiment by simply looking a the first paragraph of the essay instead of reading the whole paper.  However, this also made the article less interesting to read as well. Imagine that scientists can begin with the question and go step by step with the reader about their exploration and in the end find the result. That will be so much interesting for the common reader to read and they may find themselves interesting in science. This kind of structure can even make the science article interesting to read, imagine how it will change normal writing. The reader can be interested in the question the author asked and went to explore with the author together. The whole article becomes very engaging and exciting to read. 

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