Writer’s Statement

My journey as a writer

This year writing class was the first official writing class I had ever taken. Before the class, I really did not like writing at all, but I still wanted to improve. After a year of study, I changed my attitude toward writing and find myself strat to like writing. I learned that from the practice of freewriting, which I could export my idea in my head without stop or hesitated. This way of writing made me felt free, and what I was truly writing for what I want to write instead of finishing a homework assignment. I was writing because I wanted to write. Then, I learned from “On writing to a question” that writing can be tool for exploration. This change my understanding of writing, and I realized that this was the kind of writing I liked. I started to use a question rather than a thesis to begin my essay. Then I found this process of finding the answer is very engaging and much more fun to write. By writing my three major essays this year, I found the memorial labyrinth in the school where I learned a lot about meditation, then I got to know the real-life of a group of artists in Quincy Market, and I used writing to discover that meditation can change our brain. All these things were very interesting experiences, and really memorable for me. Now I was writing for my own interests and that was why I started to enjoy it.   

By changing my attitude to writing, I had more motivation to improve my writing skills this year. At the beginning of the year, my writing was very confusing and unclear, but I did not know why. Then I learned that it is because I did not use topic sentences for each paragraph so in a single paragraph I had multiple ideas. In order to improve that, I made sure that I had a topic sentence in each paragraph and there was only one main idea in each paragraph. And I also learned that each sentence in the paragraph should all focus on the main idea of this paragraph. Beyond that, I also found a way to make my sentence clear, by using “SCVA” structure. Most of the time long and “fancy” sentences are less favorite by the readers and casing a lot of confusion. So the “SCVA” structure can made the sentences much more clear and easy for the reader to understand. All these skills helped me made mu essay much more clear and easy to follow. Then I learned the bookend structure to begin and end an essay. I used it in my “inquire” essay, and I thought it is a very useful structure to make the essay coherent and interesting to read. 

Other than changing my view on writing and improving my writing skills, the most important thing I learned from the class is that you should talk with other people about your writing in order to improve. “No one can write the greatest novel in the world by just sitting in a room alone, they need to talk with other people,” said by professor Zimmerman in the class. I learned so much about writing and improve so much because I spend a lot of time on listening to my classmates’ suggestions during the peer review and talking with professor Zimmerman and my tutor Sicily during office hours. I am grateful for having such a good opportunity to have so many people helping me along my journey and I will keep going forward to become a better writer. 

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